Mixed media on canvas – 51 x 51 inches

Bonnec - Nuance de Bleu

Nuance de Bleu

Mixed media on canvas – 80 x 80 inches

Bonnec - Con Grazia

Con Grazia

Mixed media on canvas – 53 x 86 inches

Bonnec - Con Allegrezza

Con Allegrezza

Mixed media on canvas- 51 x 51 inches

 Bonnec - Fusion


Mixed media on canvas – 39 x 39 inches

Bonnec - amoroso


Mixed media on canvas – 49 x 100 inches



Bonnec are a truly exceptional duo! Internationally renowned, their paintings are present in collections around the world. They have the honors of the world press and the world of the Arts.

“Tables borrowed from poetry and freshness”. KNOWLEDGE OF THE ARTS

“Bonnec or the Art of painting”. ME MAURICE RHEIMS

“Internationally recognized, Bonnec smile in their disarmingly charming allegories”. THE TIME of CHICAGO

“Expressed by the strongest chromatic … Transparency of an air that we would always like to be able to breathe”. ARTSNEWS

“Bonnec, this four-handed duo of colors and poetry” GAZETTE DROUOT

“An atmospheric transparency … And it is so beautiful that one is quite unable to resist”. J. Mélèze. PARISCOPE

“For more luminosity and cheerfulness too, the tender colors always chasing away the shadows of the painting”. RogerBouillot L’OEIL

“Good, happy sun, the one that lights up their paintings.” ROBERT SABATIER

“My talented friends Bonnec”. RAYMOND DEVOS

“You are poets!” MARCEL MARCEAU


 Bonnec - Crescendo


Mixed media on canvas – 51 x 51 inches

Bonnec - La Goutte d'Eau

La Goutte d'Eau

Mixed media on canvas – 31 x 31 inches

 Bonnec - Crescendo


Mixed media on canvas – 51 x 51 inches

Bonnec - Concerto Grosso

Concerto Grosso

Mixed media on canvas – 73 x 88 inches

Bonnec - Affetto


Mixed media on canvas – 51 x 51 inches