Sculpture – 45 x 15 inches


Sculpture – 49 x 13 inches


Sculpture – 37 x 16 inches


Sculpture – 19 x 23 inches

Tu m'avais dis

Sculpture – 28 x 14 inches


Self-taught, Born in the Paris region in 1958, member of the sculptors of Brittany, Édouard HERVÉ lives in the center of Brittany where he works there.
Édouard HERVÉ’s research is to create lines of force stretched across the nerve edges in order to oppose them in beautiful harmonies between balance and imbalance.

Thanks to these abstract bronze sculptures which are both delicate and powerful, HERVÉ demonstrates that the apparent simplicity of the forms does not however exclude a deep and attractive message that appeals to the art lover and brings him into a geometric universe and poetic.


La muse

Oil on canvas – 38 x 57 inches

Amalgame vénitien

Oil on canvas – 28 x 45 inches


Oil on canvas – 65 x 38 inches

Hommage aux compositeurs

Oil on canvas – 38 x 63 inches


Roger SURAUD was born on October 31, 1938 in Saint Etienne, and died in June 2016.
Son and grandson of a sculptor, he was directed to training as an architect and won the first architecture prize from the Ecole des Beaux Arts for two consecutive years. But Roger Suraud did not resist the call of painting, and began exhibiting his paintings in various European salons from 1964.
Undisputed leader of philosophical painting, Suraud is one of the greatest masters of his time. His work, which expresses the eternal questioning of Man in relation to his creation, is an invitation to dream and meditation. Powerful and romantic, his paintings show us Man through his history; artistic, cultural, and spiritual. Suraud rewrites civilization, in its glory and its excess.
Suraud’s canvases appear in many private collections both in France and abroad (Europe, Asia, USA, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Canada, etc.).

Le ballet

Oil on canvas – 39 x 31 inches

Soirée de gala

Oil on canvas – 28 x 23 inches


Oil on canvas – 39 x 31 inches

Les mystères de Venise 2

Oil on canvas – 38 x 57 inches

Le carnaval

Oil on canvas – 38 x 63 cm


Oil on canvas – 38 x 57 inches

La bibliothèque

Oil on canvas – 28 x 23 inches


Oil on canvas – 23 x 23 inches


Oil on canvas – 39 x 31 inches

Grand galop

Oil on canvas – 51 x 37 inches

Le violon

Bronze sculpture- Height 22 inches