Rent you artworks, deduct your rents at 100% of the taxable result, become owner for 5% of the amount of the artwork.


Art Avantage offers a financing solution for the rental of works of art with purchase option dedicated to companies.

This funding allows you to :
– invest in art with 0€ contribution
– deduct 100% of your monthly rent from taxable income
-considerable tax saving

Indeed, Art Avantage allows you to combine art and investment thanks to tax optimization that allows you to invest on a work of art of your choice without contribution and to tax the amounts financed which allows you to diversify your portfolio while capitalizing.

Privileged access
to international artists

Our 30 years of experience have allowed us to build a strong partnership with established and trusted galleries. Our Gallery, backed by our head office, allows you to discover our artists. Our experts search and select works that meet your expectations, and also offer visits to fairs, biennials, workshops and artist meetings.

Art & Investment
in peace

As an expert in the art market, Art Advantage offers business leaders and liberal professions a chance to bring art into the company and take full advantage of all the tax advantages and image enhancement.

Take advantage
of tax benefits

The tax deduction schemes, through Article 238a AB of the CGI, offer very advantageous conditions for companies around the ACQUISITION.  Article 39-1 of the General Tax Code allows, for its part, to deduct the rents received under a LEASE WITH OPTION TO PURCHASE (L.O.A or leasing) of works of art.

Save time

A 360° approach to bring you the best service experience. Our qualified experts help you choose and find the artists, offer you the best financing possible and ensure the installation. Committed to a personal approach, our specialists are always at your disposal to provide you with individual advice throughout the year.

Value your

Attract and retain your customers and talent internally by valuing your image. Art is a powerful communication vector to inspire, federate, amaze & communicate.

Give your customers a memorable experience

“Art Avantage Events” is the event department of Art Avantage. We build with you internal or external artistic events to create unique meeting points.