Wrapping bonbon noir

Plexiglass – 35 x 14 inches


Laurence Jenkell lives and works in Vallauris, in the Alpes-Maritimes. Self-taught, she began to create on her own in the mid-90s. Gradually, her artistic research led her to experiment with various techniques such as inclusions, drips, firing, molding, etc. After various investigations, she manages to master and dominate the plexiglass material to obtain the technique of “Wrapping” which will allow her to create the BONBON sculpture which has obsessed her for many years.The “wrapping”, literally the winding of the material, associated with the twist of the papillote makes his sculptures unique works. Gradually, the artist will decline this symbolic object in other materials such as marble, bronze, aluminum or polyester.
Laurence Jenkell’s work is part of an approach that is both intellectual and cultural, it is present in more than 25 countries. She is represented by numerous galleries and is part of important private, public and institutional collections.